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Waterfed poles are not only the safest way of cleaning windows ever invented but are also the most cost effective way of cleaning windows and facades. With waterfed poles  we can reach upto 70ft whilst the operative stays firmly on the ground. This alleviates the need for expensive cherry pickers and abseiling. We also use mobile trolley units which allow us to access roofs, balconies and courtyards. Our systems are all. completely self contained.

water fed pole window cleaning Due to current & proposed 'Health & Safety Legislation' it is owner/occupier who is responsible for ensuring that any work undertaken at their premises conforms to all Health & Safety legislation. With regards to external window cleaning this means that you will either have to have ladder ties fixed to buildings above 2 stories (this work must be carried out by a registered installer and you must receive a certificate of compliance), or make it possible to have the windows cleaned externally from the inside, even doing this means that you will have to supply a fixing for a harness (again this work must be carried out by a registered installer and you must receive a certificate of compliance). You will also be responsible for having these fixings checked & recorded by an approved examiner on an annual basis. All this is adding time and expense to your already busy schedule. Waterfed Poles ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR LADDER TIES

The main Benefits are:

Operative stays on ground (Health and Safety friendly)

Environmentally friendly (No detergents or chemicals used)

No damage to soft landscaping surrounding buildings

Cost effective (savings passed onto client)

ACS are one of the leading users of waterfed poles in the UK.

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